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Development Advice

Development Advice

These session can be via e-mail, phone or via Skype. All session must be booked and paid for in advance.

Fees vary, please see full details below.

Professional assistance and advice

Sarah is often phoned or e-mailed and asked questions about experiences people have had or are having whilst they are developing as mediums, psychics or healers. As a working medium and teacher Sarah has years of experience in working with Spirit and is happy to share her knowledge. However, these questions often take time to answer in detail and it is no longer possible to do this for free due to the volume she receives and time she gives.  
Therefore, Sarah has introduced a new consultation service for those who wish some advice or assistance about their development. Whether you are a beginner or professional we all need advice or someone to bounce things off.  All calls and e-mails are in confidence and without judgement.

Intention and Purpose

Sarah will endeavour to answer your question, be that to explain what an experience might mean or to guide you through your development at times when you feel lost or confused. Often teachers do not have the time to answer all their students questions or people feel embarrassed to ask so leave a class or workshop feeling confused or concerned. These session would give you the chance to ask those questions and get professional advice.  

Examples of what might be covered:-

  • Experiences at home with Spirit - such as night visits or visions
  • Entering a circle or issues within a circle
  • Questions about spiritual and mediumship terms and what they mean
  • Guidance on development of mediumship and healing e.t.c
  • Understanding about trance mediumship and channelling


Via E-mail

One Question Answered - Fee £ 10.00

If you have one question about developing as a medium or healer this option is for you. Sarah will answer the question as fully as possible via e-mail within 7 days. The question needs to be detailed and clear.

Three Questions Answered - Fee £ 20.00

Where you have more than one question or issue, but do not want to talk in person this is a better option. Sarah will answer the questions as fully as possible within 7 days. The questions need to be detailed and clear.

Via Telephone / Skype

30 minutes Advice & Support - Fee £ 20.00

Where you have more than one question, an issue or experience you wish to discuss, this is a better option. You will have 30 minutes to talk with Sarah about the problem or query and get her professional opinion and suggestions.

60 minutes Advice & Support - Fee £ 35.00

These sessions are for those who have many questions and concerns, they wish to ask about their development and experiences they have had. You will have 60 minutes to talk with Sarah about the problem or query and get her professional opinion and suggestions.

Telephone / Skype appointments are strictly timed.

Payment and Terms

Please click here to go to our Terms which include information on making a payment and cancellations. 


Further Information

For more details please email us at ask@voicesofspirit.co.uk or call us on 07005 808805.

Appointment Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Office Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm

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