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Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching

These consultations can be in person, by telephone or Skype and must be booked and paid for in advance.

In Person or via Skype

NEW CLIENT - One Hour £65.00

EXISTING CLIENT - One Hour £60.00

Intention and Purpose

We are all made of energy. This comprises of our Auric Field, Subtle Bodies and Chakra System; all of which are codependent and have a cause and effect relationship on each other. Therefore, if anyone of these is out of balance or disconnected it will have a knock on effect to your remaining energetic system. This can lead to emotional, mental or physical dis-ease and disharmony. Moreover, if left unchecked it can effect your entire well-being.

These coaching sessions are designed to help you connect to your energetic self and heal any imbalances within it. Firstly by identifying any blocks, wounds or misalignments and then helping to teach you techniques to heal and rebalance these. Giving you back control of your energy.

Examples of what might be covered: -

  • The Aura, Subtle Bodies and Chakra System and “How they work”
  • Identifying how and where your energy is out of balance
  • Working to release any blocks
  • Balancing your Aura and Grounding
  • Understanding how to protect and maintain your aura
  • Manifesting - Like attracts Like and The Law of Attraction
  • Releasing Vows - such as a Poverty Vow
  • Releasing Past Lives
  • Space clearing

Payment and Terms

Please click here to go to our Terms which include information on making a payment and cancellations.

Further Information

For more details please email us at ask@voicesofspirit.co.uk or call us on 07005 808805.

Appointment Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Office Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm

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