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One to One Teaching

One to One Teaching

These consultations can be in person or via Skype subject to which discipline is being taught; all sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

In Person or via Skype

NEW CLIENT - One Hour £65.00

EXISTING CLIENT - One Hour £60.00

Intention and Purpose

Working in a group is a vital part of developing to work with Spirit, however, at times we all need at little one to one assistance. These teaching sessions are designed to give additional assistance to those already in development circles and for those who feel uncomfortable in large groups.

Voices of Spirit offers one to one teaching sessions for mediumship, trance and channelling. The focus will be on the students individual weaknesses and needs which will be discussed with them, as well as the needs of their Spirit guides and communicators.

Examples of what might be covered are:-

  • Working on an area of weakness or a blockage
  • Improving confidence and understanding
  • Deepening the connection and expanding the energies
  • Exploring other areas of work with experimentation
  • Work for longer in the altered state [for trance & channelling students]
  • Preparation for professional work
  • Guidance on setting up as a professional medium / channel

Payment and terms

Please click here to go to our Terms which include information on making a payment and cancellations.


Further Information

For more details please email us at ask@voicesofspirit.co.uk or call us on 07005 808805.

Appointment Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Office Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm

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