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Spiritual Intuitive Coaching

These consultations can be in person, by telephone or Skype and must be booked and paid for in advance.

In Person or via Skype

NEW CLIENT - One Hour £65.00

EXISTING CLIENT - One Hour £60.00

Intention and Purpose

Walking a spiritual path is not always easy and at times we need guidance and advice. These sessions are designed to offer you the chance to sit and discuss your path, ask questions and seek clarity. Sarah will share her understanding and perspective on the situation in an endeavour to assist you in walking your path more easily.

Being spiritual is a way of life and sometimes we feel it is hard to make the changes; often that is because you are trying too hard. Patterns of behaviour can be personal choices or life lessons and it is not always clear to see which they are. Sarah and her Spirit Guides will aim to help you see your own path more clearly. These sessions can also relate to your spiritual, psychic, healing or mediumship development and mentoring can be offered to help you clear blockages and learn trust.

Examples of what might be covered are:- -

  • Understanding you are a spiritual being having a physical experience
  • Positive and negative - thinking, feeling and doing
  • Manifestation and attraction - The Spiritual Law
  • Understanding soul contracts - Fulfilling your potential and purpose
  • Being spiritual in your daily life

Payment and Terms

Please click here to go to our Terms which include information on making a payment and cancellations.

Further Information

For more details please email us at ask@voicesofspirit.co.uk or call us on 07005 808805.

Appointment Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Office Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 6pm

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