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In today's world the language of Spirit communication is changing and you will hear more about inspirational speaking, overshadowing and channelling. Inspirational speaking is an application of mental mediumship (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience) where words are impressed on the medium by mind to mind communication. Overshadowing is where Spirit wrap themselves around the medium's aura in order to impress their thoughts and personality. Channelling is similar to trance mediumship, and in some quarters used as an alternative word for trance mediumship. However, they are not to be confused. Trance mediumship is the deeper form of communication where Spirit literally blend with us at the physical level. Channelling also has many levels of awareness and control; but the Spirit being does not enter the subtle bodies and physical body to the same degree. Often with channelling there is little or no change to the medium’s/channel’s appearance or voice.

What is Trance Mediumship?

Trance mediumship is one of the oldest forms of Spirit communication, often associated with seances and physical phenomena. Trance itself refers to the altered state of consciousness the medium enters. Like all forms of mediumship, many years of study and training are required to work in the trance state. The medium will sit to prepare themselves entering into a state similar to meditation. In this state there are physical changes to the medium’s body such as a slowing of the heart beat (though some people also experience a quickening of the heart beat); slow, deep breathing; altered brain patterns and lowering of body temperature. There is also an altered awareness of sounds, touch, space and conscious thought. The medium will then allow their Spirit communicator (guide) to blend their energies with them, thereby allowing the Spirit being to merge with their physical and subtle bodies, mind and soul. This process can take several minutes. However, in Sarah's case, the trance transition occurs very quickly.

In a true trance mediumship state, the essence of the Spirit communicator will be felt by those watching and listening. The Spirit communicator will be able to impart not only their thoughts but also a sense of their personality. Changes to the appearance of the trance medium may also occur. With Sarah her facial features are seen to change as the muscles in her face are altered by the communicator. It is also very common for changes to occur to the spoken voice. These range from tone and depth of the voice, dialect and accents to mannerism and speech patterns. Sarah's main trance communicator, Master Chou, was Chinese and has a slight accent but he also speaks much faster than Sarah and his sentence structure and use of grammar are very different to her own. There are also physical changes as Master Chou was 102 when he died and hunches over when he speaks. He also gesticulates with his hands far more than Sarah does; sometimes he is seen stroking his beard or playing with his long finger nails. (Please note these changes are not to be confused with transfiguration, which is a form of physical mediumship and uses ectoplasm to create a mask.)

Working in Partnership with Spirit

Trance mediumship is a working partnership between medium/channel and Spirit communicator. Sometimes it is confused with possession and it should not be; in no way is the trance medium possessed. This is at all times a willing and loving relationship between Spirit and medium. The trance medium always has control over when they enter the trance state. Some of this confusion arises because of the use of the word control. Spirit do indeed take control of the trance medium’s mind, body and voice but not without permission. The depth of that control and the level of consciousness of the trance medium also varies depending on the intent and conditions of the communication. Therefore, trance mediumship has several levels or layers. These refer to the lack of conscious awareness of the medium and the amount of control Spirit have. They range from light trance to deep trance (or full trance). Deep trance is more often associated with physical mediumship and phenomena. [Such as ectoplasm, apports and apparitions.]

Sarah often channels Spirit when she is coaching or teaching. Only occasionally do people notice any change in her voice when this occurs. Channelling is the level most often used for automatic writing, where a degree of physical control is required to move the pen but no other physical changes are needed. There is a fine line between deep channelling and light trance and sometimes they are hard to tell apart. In truth the purity of what is spoken is all that matters. The reason for Spirit using these forms of communication is to bring forward clear and unaltered information. The trance medium/channel moves their conscious mind out of the way so they do not alter what is spoken and the true message is delivered. Sarah often advises her students not to worry about being aware but instead to let go of needing to be in control. As you let go of control you naturally let go of the conscious mind and it becomes passive, thus allowing Spirit to speak more freely.

As the world is changing and seeking more guidance, so more and more people are being called on by Spirit to act as “Messengers”. It does not matter whether you are a psychic, channeller, trance medium or lightworker. The only thing that matters are the words that are spoken.

Further Reading

For more information about trance and physical mediumship there are biographies on the following mediums: Ivy Northage, Eileen Garrett, Ursula Roberts, Helen Duncan and Leslie Flint; alternatively, read some philosophies given by Spirit Communicators such as Silver Birch, Chan, Seth or Ramadan.

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