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Trance Consultation

Trance Consultation

Sarah Tyler-Walters is one of the few trance mediums in the world to offer Trance Mediumship sessions by Skype and in person, all of which are recorded for your benefit.

The purpose of a trance consultation

These sessions are designed for you to have a one-to-one conversation with Spirit. Sarah's Spirit communicator, Master Chou, will impart his wisdom and advice based on his spiritual understanding and knowledge. These session allow you to seek guidance on:

  •     Your Life - career, relationships, family and well-being
  •     Your Emotional and Mental Self - patterns, traumas and past events to heal
  •     Your Soul Path - life lessons, purpose, soul growth and potential
  •     Your Spiritual Development  - spirituality, mediumship and enlightenment

Master Chou will give you insight from the spiritual perspective, which may be profound; his guidance is practical, spiritual and uplifting. He has an insightful way of helping people to see and release their blockages and patterns by helping them to build timelines to find the root cause and thereby effect change. Master Chou aims to empower the client and give them hope and direction.

What happens during a trance consultation

Sarah will enter the trance state and allow Master Chou to step forward and blend with her body and energy in order to speak to the client . There are often some physical changes to Sarah's face and voice as Master Chou steps forward. Master Chou likes to hold a persons hands at the beginning of the session to connect with their energy whilst scanning their aura. He will then ask the client what they would like to talk about. From then on the session is a conversation between the client and Chou; the client can interrupt, ask him to repeat something or say if they do not understand. Master Chou always tries to ensure that the client understands the guidance being given.

He is often asked for his opinion regarding health issues, Master Chou is not a medical doctor and he will always recommends you seek and follow medical advice. However, he may be able to provide an insight into the root cause of the illness or condition from an energetic, spiritual or soul path point of view.

What will not happen during a trance consultation

Master Chou will not simply talk to a client . A common question is “What do Spirit want to tell me?” in this instance Master Chou will say “Nothing”. Master Chou is mindful of Free Will and Personal Responsibility therefore he requires you to guide the direction of the conversation. Neither, will he pass on messages from Loved Ones.

Master Chou will also not predict your future as this is not the purpose of Spirit communication. As such he can not determine the outcome of an event or illness. He may talk about the future in terms of direction and potential only but this is not categoric, it is meant merely as an indication of what is possible.

Your responsibility

You should come to the trance consultation with an open mind and willing to discuss your situation with Spirit. However, it is not Spirit's job to tell you what to do as that breaches your Free Will. What they will aim to do is enable you to see your life/soul patterns, both positive and negative, so you can take control and act with understanding.

Master Chou's knowledge is based on his own experiences and spiritual understanding. He works with you based on your energy at that moment. No Channel or Spirit is 100% accurate and it is important that you use your own discernment regarding the guidance given. You should understand that every trance consultation is an experiment and no guarantees can be given.

Further Information

New dates are added to the workshop or event diary regularly; to keep up to date, please visit often.

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