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What happens during a trance mediumship demonstration

A trance mediumship demonstration is an opportunity for you to speak and listen to spirit. Sarah Tyler-Walters will enter into the trance state and allow her spirit communicator, Master Chou, to step forward. Master Chou will then engage with the audience and discuss topics of interest and offer guidance. The audience will be asked to give him topics or questions about general or spiritual issues. On occasion Master Chou will also offer guidance on personal issues.

Master Chou will then speak from his spiritual understanding and knowledge about the topic. He enjoys discussion based sessions with the audience and therefore participation is required. Master Chou always speaks with insightfulness and great humour so laughter is also part of the evening. Sarah will talk to the audience about what will take place and give a brief explanation of trance before the demonstration starts. She is also available after the demonstration should anyone wish to ask her a question about trance development.

The purpose of a trance mediumship demonstration

These session are not about proof of survival or fortune telling. They are designed to give us access to the spiritual perspective and understanding relating to events in our lives. In a sense a chance to see the bigger picture. Master Chou speaks with humour and enlightenment. At times his guidance may be very profound and philosophical and at other times it can be simple and funny.

Master Chou, often says that he lived to be 102 because he laughed every day; that humour carries on now in his work with humanity. Laughter is always a part of these demonstrations. So audiences need to bring topics and issues to discuss and their funny bone.

Sarah's other communicator The Oracle may also step forward to speak. This collective consciousness speaks from a higher level and talks to one's soul. Issues are answered in a profoundly spiritual manner often leaving the audience thinking quite deeply about life and being spiritual.

Trance and Channeling

Sarah also demonstrates trance mediumship along side Lindsley Cash a channeling medium. Lindsley Cash channels her guides, higher realm communicators as well as the guides of the people receiving information. They give specific messages to individuals that may relate to their past lives, the soul's journey to this lifetime and the current life purpose. Her guides will also talk about general and spiritual matters and give healing where appropriate.

Experiment and experience

Every time you work with spirit at this level it is an experiment, as such Sarah never knows quite what spirit will do. Above is the general flow of an evening but every audience is different so every evening is different. What we aim to do is bring communication from a high spiritual level and uplifting conversation.

After having been working for spirit in this way Sarah has learnt that the more engaged the audience is the more they get out of the demonstration. Audience participation is essential. Every question is important and everyone can learn something from the answer.

Please note that no channel or spirit is 100% accurate. Any information given on these evenings is based on the spiritual understanding of the spirit being speaking at that time. Members of the audience should use their discernment and accept that which resonates with them and let go of anything that does not.

Further Information

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